Presented at: 12th Annual Outcomes and Assessment Conference

Student Self-Assessments: A Bridge to Developing Growth Mindset

Session Description

“The real man […] gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection.” (Thomas Paine) Come learn how to empower your students to be proactive through self-assessments. Participants will learn how to intentionally navigate conversations with students to help foster their success by identifying their strengths and opportunities for growth.

Session Goals

Goals for this session:

  • To educate participants on what growth mindset is and why it is vital for retention
  • To role-model student-advisor conversations that are aimed at assessing and developing growth mindset
  • To provide sample language/phrases participants can use when interacting with students

Full Description

Higher education is a journey which many students plunge into with little thought of how to set themselves up for success. When things don’t go their way, many will naturally take a passive approach to the situation. We believe it’s important for a student’s long-term success to learn from his/her mistakes and proactively identify and address future barriers a student believes will impede forward progress all the while acknowledging academic and personal victories. As part of a student’s support network, many of us have the opportunity to work alongside students and help them develop a growth mindset that will enable them to stay in school and accomplish their goals. This presentation will demonstrate how to asses a student’s academic views and behaviors with the intent of connecting student accomplishments to long-term success and re-evaluating failures as opportunities for growth.

Presented by: 
Gottardi, Cristina
Reiter, Mackenzie
Worth, Amanda

Single Session

10:40 am - 11:30 am


WCWC 230