Fall Leadership Conference

Kickoff Event

The Annual Fall Leadership Conference is the Consortium's kick-off event for the academic year.


The Fall Leadership Conference plays host to many of the Consortium's standing committee meetings.


The Fall Leadership Conference is the kick-off meeting for the incoming CLARA cohort, as well as serving as the graduation event for the outgoing CLARA cohort.

Board of Directors

The Fall Leadership Conference is the setting for the first of three formal Board of Directors meetings for the academic year, installing the new Board Chairman, welcoming new members, and finalizing the budget and plans for the coming academic period.


The Fall Leadership Conference is hosted and sponsored by the North Texas Community College Consortium, the Consortium Board of Directors, and the Consortium Leadership and Renewal Academy (CLARA).

Breakout Sessions

The 2014 Fall Leadership Conference included 16 breakout session in six different tracks, the CLARA orientations session, the Board of Directors Meeting, and the Research and Institutional Effectiveness Committee Meeting.

Who Should Attend?

The Fall Leadership Conference is valuable for anyone who is in positions of leadership in institutions of higher education, is interested in leadership positions, desires to be more effective and influential in their current position, wants to know the latest in leadership trends, is looking for an opportunity to meet, interact, and network with leaders from other area institutions of higher learning.


The Fall Leadership Conference provides opportunity for participation as a

  • Subject Matter Expert (presenter, discussion board panelist),
  • Experienced participant (roundtable discussions, breakout sessions)
  • Beginner or novice.



205 Administrators, faculty, and staff attended the 2016 Fall Leadership Conference from 26 different institutions.

2017 Fall Leadership Conference

The 2017 Fall Leadership Conference is scheduled for September 15, 2017 at Hill College in Hillsboro, Texas.