Presented at: 12th Annual Developmental Education Regional Forum

Fun and Easy Activities for Engaging Students

Session Description

This session will demonstrate several tried-and-true ideas for getting students engaged in your classroom. Materials will be shared so that you can go back and implement one of these ideas next week! I will be presenting math activities, but most could be modified for use in other content areas.

Session Goals

Share easy to use games, activities, and fun ideas for classroom teachers. Activities are geared toward math, but could be modified for other content areas

Full Description

Lecture is an efficient way to disseminate information, but it can leave students sitting passively and never engaging with the content. After two decades of teaching, I have lots of activities, games, and ideas that break up the lecture and get students working and participating in the learning process. All are easy to implement, with minimal prep and little to no cost. We'll look at a sample of the activities, and you will leave with materials to use in your own classroom. All of the activities presented with be for mathematics learners,but most can easily be modified for use in other content areas.

Presented by: 
Howell, Elizabeth

Single Session

10:40 am - 11:30 am


E 60