Session Description

A look at the importance of oral communication and six key strategies for teachers of second language learners. The use of oral communication activities that can be modified to adapt to any classroom context to ensure equal application for student comprehension.

Session Goals

The goals of this session are:

  • To share ideas with other instructors that they can utilize in their classroom.
  • To provide helpful tools and activities that can be easily modified for any classroom.
  • To share new and intrinsic ideas that benefit the student learning experience.

Full Description

The focus of this presentation is to provide instructors with resources that coincide with CLT (communicative language teaching) approach. Demonstrate various ways to incorporate and expand oral communication in any classroom setting. Share how to make existing lesson plans, materials and activities communicative. In addition, to motivating students to participate in the classroom.

Presented by: 
Johnson, Gabrielle

Single Session

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm


E 112