Presented at: 23rd Annual Fall Leadership Conference

Workforce Training for an Underserved Industry: RV Technician

CLARA Project

Session Description

Hill College created a non-credit certificate that students can complete in a short amount of time and grant them the skills needed to be an entry level RV technician. This program didn't exist in the State of Texas and is only offered by a couple of agencies within the United States. Find out how we went from 0-60 in a short amount of time and produced employed graduates.

Session Goals

This session will discuss the need, research, development, and implementation of Hill College's RV Technician Program. This information could then be used by other colleges to develop similar RV technician programs or other unserved industries.

Full Description

This presentation will cover the need, research, development, and implementation of our RV Technician Program using PowerPoint and discussion. I plan on using the first half of my allotted time to present the information to attendees and use the remaining time to open the floor for discussion. Dr Kelly and Tammy Logan will be assisting me with the discussion part of the presentation.

Presented by: 
Bennett, Brian
Logan, Tammy
Kelly, Kayla

Single Session

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm


Instruction Building