Presented at: 12th Annual Developmental Education Regional Forum

TCC College Readiness: Foundational Skills for Success in College and Career

Session Description

College Readiness classes at Tarrant County have proven to be an effective support for students needing individualized instruction which targets specific deficits, prior to enrolling in developmental courses. This program transitions students from College Readiness courses to Developmental and/or credit-bearing courses through content enrichment and learning techniques.

Session Goals

Goals for this session include:

  1. To share discoveries about curriculum and delivery methods that support student success
  2. To engage colleagues in a dialogue about best practices to transition students
  3. To review software that allows students to work independently to fill gaps in content mastery
  4. To collaborate on teaching techniques and units of study that meet the needs of students who are deficient in both content and learning behaviors
  5. To explore scheduling design that is both effective for the students and efficient for the college
  6. To brainstorm ways to stimulate and perpetuate adult education programs like these that are designed to transition students and support success in higher education

Full Description

Many colleagues in the NTCCC have expressed concerns about how to address the needs of students who lack the necessary foundations in content as well as the behaviors that ensure academic success. This presentation will discuss the success of the College Readiness Math, Reading, and Writing classes offered through Tarrant County College District. The multi-disciplinary team will exchange ideas with those who are already offering adult education programs, as well as sharing information with those who are considering such a program to help transition their students. We will talk about the curriculum design, including software and teacher-led learning activities. Another area of consideration is the scheduling of the College Readiness classes, so we will look at best practices. The TCCD team has discovered techniques and refined course design so that student engagement is optimal, leading to successful completion of the program...and transition to developmental and credit courses...and we want to share.

Presented by: 
Walker, Rosalyn
Petcoff, O.W.
Carter, Catherine
Pettit, Angela
Miller, Cathryn

Single Session

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm


W 104