Presented at: Early College High School-Dual Credit Conference

Strategies for Dual Credit Success: Building Connections, Rigor, and Quality

Session Description

What makes dual credit unique, and how do we address potential challenges? We discuss strategies for building connections between students and fellow dual credit instructors in order to insure student success while maintaining university rigor and quality. Presented from the viewpoint of a university instructor, but applicable to any class.

Session Goals

I would like to discuss my experiences teaching and coordinating dual credit classes given through a university. I will share my strategies for helping to increase the success of my students and fellow collaborating dual credit instructors. This will include a discussion of some methods I use for teaching effectively in the dual credit setting, maintaining student engagement, and insuring quality across the schools where me and my colleagues teach.

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Presented by: 
Bowden, Adam

Single Session

1:00 pm to 1:50 pm