Presented at: 7th Annual Spring Leadership Conference

Make Leadership Great Again: Seven Secrets of Crafting Student Experience

Session Description

Over 80% of students’ learnings occur outside the classroom! Creating insanely great experiences for students is one of the main characteristics of an exemplary leader/teacher. Leaders/teachers must engage learners, make the course relevant, and enhance delivery. What are the Seven Secrets of the Crafting the Student Experience?

Session Goals

Secret 1 – How to Stay Connected with Students? Secret 2 – How to Make Teaching Meaningful and Relevant? Secret 3 – Howe to Create Goals Together? Secret 4 – How to Provide Flexibility? Secret 5 – How to Challenge Students to Learn New Skills? Secret 6 – How to Encourage Teamwork? Secret 7 – How to Recognize Success? Secret 8 – Bonus Secret: How to Stay Fit?

Full Description

Chalk and talk do not work anymore. "Business as usual" is dead. In this highly interactive, collaborative, and inspiring presentation, participants will learn that effective leadership/teaching is all about seeing the classroom through Millennial’s eye sockets. Participants will learn how to reach, teach and work effectively with the millennials. I will explain the Seven Secrets the Crafting Student Experience.

Presented by: 
Khosrowshahi, Manouchehr

Single Session

10:40 to 11:30 am


J 1108 (Jenkins Hall)