Presented at: 11th Annual Outcomes and Assessment Conference

Implementation of a Revised Assessment Plan at TCCD

Session Description

We will discuss the process of reviewing and revising an existing assessment plan and the challenges and opportunities for improvement. The participation of faculty and key constituents is essential in creating a strong and sustainable plan. We will explore the creation of an Assessment Team and the plan implementation.

Session Goals

The primary outcome is to inform colleagues of the challenges with gaining support and trust for assessment. The secondary goals are two layout a schedule and plan for revising an assessment plan, building momentum, and effectively communicating expected outcomes.

Full Description

Assessment Foundations, and Feedback

In April and May of 2016, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Nancy Curé and I, visited with representatives from all 6 campuses (including TCC Connect), and the Offices of Institutional Intelligence and Research, Institutional Effectiveness, the Quality Enhancement Plan, and Instructional and International Initiatives. Through these discussions themes emerged in assessment efforts:

  • to support faculty
  • facilitate effective communication
  • address assessment in support areas and CIE
  • leverage the work of others
  • use realistic timelines and deadlines
  • encourage the use of technology and innovation

Formation of an Assessment Team

From June until August, a district Assessment Team was formed and met with representation of two faculty and an administrative staff from each campus, and a liaison for the Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs. The JCC President was also a part of our team. Some of the progress made included:

  • six reports based on the Core Competencies and the Blackboard Outcomes Module
  • reviewed previous TCC assessment work and recommended improvements
  • development of a revised plan to be reviewed by additional faculty and the Academic Curriculum Teams (ACTs) in the fall of 2015 for feedback and approval

Implementation of the TCCD Assessment Plan

Based on Academic Curriculum Team (comprised of faculty representatives for each campus) feedback the Assessment Team made changes to the Assessment Plan Framework. Ninety percent of those that responded to the Google survey agreed to use the AAC&U Value rubrics for communication (Written and Oral) with some modifications. The Visual Communication rubric is still under consideration. For the spring 2016 term, department chairs on each campus were asked to pick a selection of course sections for assessment of communication from each core Foundational Component Area (Communication, Mathematics, Life and Physical Sciences, Language, Philosophy and Culture, Creative Arts, American History, Government/Political Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Component Area Option). The sections included a mix of morning, afternoon, and evening. They will also vary with days of the week and some weekend days if offered. A report was generated by IIR (Institutional Intelligence and Research) to identify these courses.

Presented by: 
Mote, Marlon
Ghaedi, Charlene

Single Session

10:40 am - 11:30 am


SSTU 2205 Living Room