Presented at: 11th Annual Outcomes and Assessment Conference

From the Ground Up: Getting Everyone Thinking About Assessment

Session Description

Take part in a mini-workshop to learn how to get coworkers thinking about assessment in general, including institutional focus areas, stakeholders, unit impact, partnerships, communicating results, and barriers and fears related to assessment. With handouts and guidance, participants will be able to emulate and extend the workshop for their colleagues.

Session Goals

Attendees will:

  1. Think about the fundamentals of assessment
  2. Learn what they ‘need to know’ before starting assessment programs
  3. Start to think about how to articulate value

Full Description

This program is a condensed version of a 7-8 week workshop given to faculty at the University of North Texas who were brand new to the concept of assessment. Starting from the ground up, participants learned how to identify their stakeholders, how to focus assessments towards specific institutional focus areas, how to determine what impact on these focus areas already exists, and to brainstorm where impact could be made. Participants will also be given examples of assessment research projects from various college departments in order to see how impact is documented, and how results can be communicated.

Presented by: 
Brannon, Sian
Smith, Susan

Single Session

1:00 pm - 1:50 pm


SSTU 2207 Forum Room