Presented at: 12th Annual Developmental Education Regional Forum

Exploring College Readiness Cross-Disciplinary Instructor Intercommunications and Corresponding Student Achievement

Session Description

The community college arena is one in which pedagogy and andragogy merge, especially in Adult Basic Education instruction. Gleaning from proven best practices in ABE instruction, Tarrant County College Southeast Campus College Readiness Math, Reading, and Writing Instructors/Counselors will share documented student successes in retention and matriculation into credit-bearing courses.

Session Goals

Goals for this session include:

    1. To explore successful, non-conventional curriculum and methods of content delivery
    2. To discuss pathways for student transition from Adult Basic Education to Developmental and/or credit courses
    3. To facilitate discussion regarding working with labs that serve Developmental Education Students (Math labs, Reading and Writing labs) and measure the subsequent student successes
    4. To demonstrate classroom activities and lessons that engage students and contextualize learning
    5. To share best practices for acceleration in matriculation and retention from Adult Basic Education Math, Reading, and Writing programs to Developmental courses
    6. To engage in dialogue regarding most effective modalities for ABE courses (scheduling of classes, classrooms, and instructor accommodations)
    7. To share campus-specific, out-of-the-box approaches to Math/Reading and Writing cross-communication and explore the positive effects on student successes
    8. To review successful data-mining and –keeping practices

Full Description

No other learning institution offers the unique blend of andragogy and pedagogy taught in community colleges. As a result, innovative, non-conventional teaching methods and classes must be offered to ensure that basic skills are taught in a manner in which the adult learner is enriched. This is especially true in the instruction of Adult Basic Education, where students who do not score high enough on areas of the TSI learn basic Math, Reading, and Writing skills. Because of this, effective ABE programs are necessary for student retention and matriculation into Developmental courses. In Fall 2016, Tarrant County College relocated its Adult Basic Education classes from Community and Industry Education to the Math and Liberal Arts departments and named the program College Readiness. To date, Tarrant County College Southeast campus College Readiness Math, Reading, and Writing programs have experienced tremendous, documented student successes in retention and matriculation. College Readiness Instructors/Counselors Kevin Cashion (Math) and O.W. Petcoff (Reading and Writing) will share best practices regarding successful modalities, instructional methods, teaching techniques and tools, and cooperative relationships with faculty and staff that contributed to student successes in their classes.

Presented by: 
Cashion, Kevin
Petcoff, O.W.

Single Session

2:00 pm - 2:50 pm


W 104