Presented at: 7th Annual Spring Leadership Conference

Excelling in Education, the Musician's Way

Session Description

Maximizing the 60-hour degree and inspiring students to excellence are part of the everyday routine in TJC Music. Assess your processes and develop innovative strategies for creating a culture of success, with demonstrated methods used in the performing arts at TJC. Walk away with specific strategies for enhancing learning.

Session Goals

After attending this session, attendees will be able to: 1. Identify instructional deficiencies with their own specific programs. 2. Customize methods used by TJC Music to enhance learning in other degrees. 3. Develop creative strategies for rewarding excellence.

Full Description

TJC Music has developed a system of recruiting quality, inspiring students and graduating great musicians. By assessing deficiencies in our program, refocusing efforts on student success, and living by the principles established by Tyler Junior College, we have made great improvements in students’ musical knowledge, technical skill, performance ability, as well as retention and graduation rates, transferability, and overall career success. Focusing students on career goals and educational opportunities has resulted in significant improvement in every aspect of TJC Music. This session will, first, provide TJC Music’s strategy for improvement, including our mission and values, strategic plan, several external learning opportunities created specifically for student development, performing art recruitment methods, and inspirational activities for students. Then, attendees will begin identifying and assessing educational deficiencies within their own specific programs, both student weaknesses and limitations of the 60-hour rule for community college degrees. Focusing on career goals for students, attendees will create methods for enhancing degree specific learning, and walk away with potential activities or opportunities to use at their own institutions.

Presented by: 
Oxler, C. Jeanie

Single Session

1:00 to 1:50 pm


J 1108 (Jenkins Hall)