Presented at: 11th Annual Outcomes and Assessment Conference

Designing Teamwork Signature Assignments

Session Description

The University of North Texas has assessed two TCC objectives each semester since 2014, and in anticipation of the assessment of Teamwork in the fall of 2016, a study and conference has been organized to assist instructors in designing Teamwork signature assignments that align with the VALUE rubrics for Teamwork.

Session Goals

The goal of the presentation is to share with other university and college constituents the research findings from studying the change from signature assignments that focus on Teamwork product completion to Teamwork processing . In the study, five faculty from the foundation areas of creative arts, communication, and natural sciences will provide pre-conference artifacts of student work, participate in a two day redesign session, following the NILOA model, and provide post-conference artifacts of student work. The hypothesis is that artifacts that are assessed using the VALUE rubrics after the conference will align with the intent of the rubrics. This hypothesis is based on prior knowledge of teamwork assignments that focus primarily on product, rather than process.

Full Description

During the presentation participants will be introduced to some artifacts and asked to assess student work using the VALUE rubrics. This will be done electronically using an individual response method, so scores are shown immediately. The artifacts will be mixed and not identified to the reviewers initially. Differences in scores will be shown on the screen and discussed. Following the experience, the methods used at UNT will be shared and discussion encouraged.

Presented by: 
Tunks, Jeanne

Single Session

10:40 am - 11:30 am


SSTU 1112 Faculty Dining Room