Presented at: 2015 Higher Education Technology Forum

Composition Apocalypse

Session Description

Game on! Is gamification ruining freshman composition or is adapting an online, and in class, course to entice students to complete by playing their way through your knowledge?

Session Goals

Participants will experience the benefits of a composition course that instructs students in essay writing methods while they kill zombies that are trying to ruin composition.

Full Description

This presentation encompasses incorporating Moodle's course activity completion settings with gamification abilities, Softchalk's lesson building software and a little creativity into an online composition course. Students in the course are required to read and write away zombies. Each section of the course contains it's own Zombie battles that may, or may not, hinder the student from saving composition from an apocalypse started by Zombie Fred's entourage.

Presented by: 
Shriver, Penny

Single Session

2:40 pm to 3:30 pm


B 109