Presented at: Early College High School-Dual Credit Conference

Case Study of Progression from Dual Credit to Professional Practice

Session Description

Presentation will feature a case study of success story in creating pathways from dual credit to completion of professional education Will feature the individual involved sharing perspectives from the experience and the systems required to support this transition.

Session Goals

1. To feature a student who has lived the experience of dual credit to professional practice. 2. To focus on dual credit program at outlying rural Texas community. 3. To identify indications for future planning for this student population.

Full Description

This presentation will focus on the Rusk High School Dual Credit Program with Tyler Junior College. The program will include a student who graduated from Tyler Junior College in Dec. 2017 and is currently employed as a Registered Nurse in the East Texas Community.

Presented by: 
Garcia, Cathy

Single Session

2:00 pm to 2:50 pm